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The Beth Alpha Mosaic

It is clear that the rod of Aaron depicted in the Beth Alpha mosaic was an accessory of the Tabernacle. It has never figured among the ritual objects of the synagogue. The Shrine and the Ram's Horn The shrine of the Beth Alpha mosaic is a narrow structure with a double doorway enframed by three posts. Each of the posts supports a wide-mouthed.

 · The ancient synagogue of Beit alpha, dated to the Byzantine period, was a 20m x 14M building. It was covered across its entire floor by a magnificent colorful mosaic floor. The mosaic floor, which was very well preserved, includes a Zodiac, Jewish ritual objects and the ark, two inscriptions in Greek and Aramaic, geometric patterns and icons of animals, birds, plants and fruits, and a scene .

The ancient synagogue of Beit Alpha is located in the Beit She'an Valley, in the north-east of the country. The nearby ruins of Khirbet Beit Ilfa preserve the ancient name. The mosaic floor of the synagogue was discovered in , when members of Kibbutz Beit Alpha dug irrigation channels for their fields. Excavations were carried out the same year, exposing mosaics preserved intact for almost 1, years.

Most enigmatic in the Beth-Alpha mosaic face and robed body, as in the Beth-Alpha mo panel is the figure of Isaac, who appears to float saic, are frontal while his legs are in side view,22 awkwardly in mid-air beyond the reach of the and he is wearing d Date: Z.

In the 5th and 6th centuries, the famous Beth-Alpha mosaic proudly adorned the floor of a large synagogue in Galilee. With its representations of the sacrifice of Isaac (upper left panel), the cosmic structure of the universe (circular center), and the ark of the covenant (upper right), the mosaic reflects the artist's conception of the universe, achieved by inserting the Jewish language and symbols into a Email: [email protected]

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